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Why are people drawn to stone circles and crystals?

Why are people drawn to stones, crystals and things like gigantic monoliths that stand in fields seemingly out in the middle of nowhere? Here’s one possible reason (explained in a very simplified form!) First of all, we must understand that all matter is energy, all energy vibrates, and the mass of a particular object will determine what the vibrational rate will be.

Surprisingly, crystals vibrate at a faster rate than humans do. New scientific technology has confirmed that nearly 90% of the human body contains crystalline properties in our blood, our plasma, our DNA, our brains, our hearts! There is also a phenomenon known as the Law of Entrainment which dictates when two objects of different vibrational rates are together in close proximity, the lower vibrating object will be drawn up into the higher vibrational rate of the other.

In this same way, a human’s vibrational rate is affected when we are in the presence of certain stones and crystals. Granite is heavily comprised of crystalline material. Even if we’re not aware of what’s happening we FEEL a pleasant, happy, peaceful, blissful reaction by merely being in the presence of certain stones because the vibration of our crystalline makeup is being drawn up into a higher rate by the crystalline content of the stones!

With this idea in mind, it was my intention to create a stone circle that will spread good will, peace and Divine Love to those who enter into the sacred space. Therefore, certain, carefully chosen objects were buried beneath certain stones. This included a selection of high vibrational stones representing every continent in the world, whose qualities encourage, enhance and support spiritual unfolding; a vial of water from the sacred Chalice Well located in the Peace Garden in Glastonbury, England and sand from the mandala made and blessed by Buddhist monks in a sacred ceremony held in Stanstead in August 2009. May their sacred energies and vibrations add to the circle’s already powerful presence and potential for Humankind.

Our world is changing. People are starving for ways to escape the hustle and bustle of our material world. We are searching for new ways to live and new ways to interpret the meaning of our lives. We intuitively crave the simpler things in life and paying homage to Mother Nature is one of the easiest ways to do so. It is my fervent and heart-felt wish that people from miles around will come to experience the peaceful and loving, supportive, joyful energies of this circle. I hope to see huge celebrations, weddings, drumming, music, dancing and other sacred, special events taking place within this circle. The Stanstead Stone Circle is here for YOU……….

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