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List of Articles Buried Beneath the Stones

List of Articles Buried Under the Stones
Autumnal Equinox, September 22/09

Under the North Stone:

Various ascension-enhancing crystals ( link and photo here)
Natural stone concretion in the shape of a goddess ( photo here)
Rose Quartz
Stones from Glastonbury.(England,) Iona (Scotland) and Wales
Dried Peat from Ireland
Personal photographs, remains and ashes

Written intentions for world peace from Burmese school for refugees in Thailand
Written intentions for world peace from elementary school students in Derby Line, Vt.
Water from Chalice Well in Glastonbury, UK.
Gold Vesicus Pisces earrings from Glastonbury, UK.
Sand from Buddhist Mandala
Copy of the dedication speech.

Song Lyrics by Rhiannon:
Oh My Goddess
Ancient Paths
Rhiannon’s Ride
I am Spirit of the Goddess
Mother Won’t you Hear our Prayer
The Fledgling

Under The South Stone:

Crystals including one from Crystal Mountain in England

Under the Peace Stone:
PEACE written in 50 different languages
A letter of intention specifying peace with photograph of the class from Derby Elementary School
Photograph of Rhiannon standing next to the Pangaea stone in her labyrinth
Song Lyrics by Rhiannnon: Pangaea, and Wee the Children
Stone from Machu Pichu
Written intentions for world peace from international students at Stanstead College
Amethyst chunks
Rose Quartz heart
Curved stone from China-Gabriel
Sand from Buddhist mandala
Water from various Sacred Wells around the world
Various items from the public.

Additional special activities:

As the Peace stone was being placed into the ground students from Sunnyside Elementary (Stanstead, Qc.) sang a song about peace. There was additional music with Native American drumming and flute, Sound Healing bowl, Didgeridoo, African drumming and singing. Two visiting Druids were also in attendance.