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IMG_0209Saule, the French word for willow, shares the English pronunciation for the word soul thus meaning both Willow Village
and Soul Village.
In Celtic mythology (Gaelic: Saille) the soul-full WILLOW is associated with the female and lunar rhythms of life.
A tree of dreaming, intuition and deep emotions, she is water seeking, and thrives on the damp shores of lakes, streams, rivers
and marshy areas; water and the tidal movements of the sea are governed by the pull of the moon and her monthly rhythms.
Symbolically associated with the beginning of spring when all of life is stirring and shooting forth with the spirit of renewal,
the flexibility of the willow’s twigs inspires us to move with life, rather than resisting what we are feeling.
Constructed in one week in early May 2012 by accomplished Montreal artist, Kim Vergil along with Kim Prangley, DJ Myers,
Laura Craig, Rachael Bury and a team of local volunteers, this land art installation is made using the variety of bush willow
commonly recognized as pussy willow. Living branches are sunk into the earth, taking root to soon become new bushes that
in a few short weeks will burst into life covering the structure with a lush, green growth. Regular pruning causes increased
growth production, one clipped branch becoming ten new ones and so on. This will happen every spring.
A tree with a long history, modern day studies have found the sucking action of the willow tree to be a very effective method
for decontaminating poisoned soil. It also has many medicinal qualities. Ancient peoples used the bark for medicinal
tea due to the salicin contained within which converts to salicylic acid (closely associated with aspirin) when ingested.
There are over 450 varieties of willow found all over the world, each with unique features and attributes.

Initiated by Kim Prangley and generously funded by Gabriel Safdie and Eva Juul as a gift to the town of Stanstead, the natural, soft and
supple elements and female energies of Saule (Soul) Village provide a beautiful balance to the masculine solar energies
honoured by the stone circle nearby.DSC02271