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About the Stone Circle


The Stanstead Stone Circle, located in Stanstead, Quebec, just across the US border at Derby Line, Vt., was constructed in September 2009 on the Autumnal Equinox.  Situated on the 45th parallel—a halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator, therefore a unique point on the planet—the circle was designed to honour many things: the Equinox (the halfway point between day and night), the close and peaceful relationships between Canada and the USA (the community is split in half by the Canadian/US border), and the English  and French cultures that together share and live in this unusual and symbolic community.

Constructed of local Stanstead Grey granite, this modern-day sacred site reminiscent of Stonehenge in England is comprised of ten installations around a 26 metre (84 ft) circle.  The North Stone, the largest, weighs 30 metric tonnes (35,000 lbs) and is astronomically oriented to Polaris, the North Star used by the ancient peoples as a navigational tool as it is the only star in the heavens that does not change position.  The three other directional stones (South, East and West) are situated in relation to the  North Stone.  The remaining stones  are symbolic in nature, honouring the concepts of the original Three Villages of Stanstead, Rock Island and Beebe united into the current town of Stanstead, the CAN/USA border, the 45th parallel, Mother Earth (Gaia) and Peace.

Buried beneath the North Stone are various items and crystals selected to enhance the power and intention of the standing stones, aid our spiritual development and promote world peace in these challenging times, troubled yet full of potential for great change. The word PEACE, written in fifty different languages, is buried beneath the Peace Stone along with a stone or item representing every continent.  Two stones on the eastern ridge nearby beautifully mark the equinox sunrise each March and September.

The circle was conceived and designed by Kim Prangley, a dual-citizen who has lived in Stanstead all her life, engineered by Christian Ouellet of COM Granite assisted by Benoit Tremblay of Bonsens Excavations, both  also life-long local citizens, and graciously funded by Gabriel Safdie and Eva Juul as a donation to the community.

Visiting: Located on public park land belonging to the town of Stanstead, the circle is conveniently located only moments away from the international border crossing on Autoroute 55 and Interstate 91 at Stanstead, Qc. and Derby Line, Vt.  At the set of traffic lights located at the Canadian Customs on Autoroute 55 turn west onto Notre Dame Blvd, Rte 247.  The circle will be in the field on your right a few hundred metres down the road, heading towards the town.      Enjoy. And Peace be with you.

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