a place for peace, reflection and inspiration for all | un lieu de paix, réflexion et inspiration pour tous


photo_2_4188a6da7c787c0e2ad6729a920105e6The Stanstead Stone Circle…….. a place for peace, reflection and inspiration for all.

This circle was conceived by Kim Prangley,
constructed by the generous donations of
Gabriel Safdie and Eva Juul,
and engineered under the direction of
Christian Ouellet.

Our thanks are also due to the
generous support of:
Beebe Granite Centre
Bonsens Excavation
COM Granite, Inc.
Granite Central Museum of Stanstead
Rediker RH Transport, Ltd.
Rock of Ages, Canada.

The Stanstead Stone Circle is a celebration of this land with all of its elements. It stands as a testimony for the special significance granite holds to all who live here and forms a vital link with its counterpart The Granite Central Museum of Stanstead.

The peace you feel on this sacred ground
Is meant for ALL- the world around.
Race, colour, creed, they matter none!
For we all greet the same morning sun!

~ Rhiannon~